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On July 17th, 2023 we crossed our finish line and raised $15,000 to create and market this record! I'm amazed by your generosity and so grateful that you would share money with me so I can make my art. I'm leaving the GoFundMe open for the next few months in case anyone else wants to add in additional funds. Again, thank you for helping me reach this milestone. Please follow me on Spotify, Instagram, and other social media platforms for regular updates on the album progress!


July - WE RAISED $15,000!

August 18th- release1st single

September 15th - release 2nd single

October - release full album 

Reward Tiers!

$10 - Thank you! Every bit helps.

$25 - Pre-Order the Album! I'll sign it if you want :)

$50 - Any 1 item of merch (+ previous benefits)

$100 - Signed Hi-Res print of the album art 

(+ previous benefits)

$250 - You're so kind! I'll make you a personalized thank you video to say thank you and play a song off this record. (+ previous benefits)

$500 - Get credited on the album! Seriously. I'll make you a collaborator. (+ previous benefits)

$1000 - Custom song just for you, written and shipped to you over the internet. Makes for a great gift, or unlicensed therapy session (+ previous benefits)

$3000 - Add your own voice/easter egg to the album...we'll have to collab on what this will be (+ previous benefits)

$5000 - You're blowing my mind! I'll bring the show to you and play a very special concert in your own living room. (+ previous benefits)

Backers (who I am so grateful for)

25 - Christopher, Ericka, Sasha, Patricia, Jonathan, Hannah, Jamie, Sue, Gabriel, Alycia, Gregory, Brian, David, Joe, Ian, Madia, Emily, Corrie, Kristian, Alanna, Hannah, Sophie, Josh, Emily, Jeremy, Angus, Joe, Kyle, Mark, Will, Beck, Jett, Lauren, Evan, Larry, Jimmy, Brett, Jean

50 - Amanda, Bri, Kelly, Elizabeth, Lexi, Kevin, Sherral, Elaine, Jerome, Kelsey, Dave, Karen, Jordan, Diana, Michelle, Carolyn, Mike, Tayler, Christin, Kirk

100 - Luminesse, Kayla, Taryn, John, Melissa, Shonna, Chris, Lori, Greg, Sam, Joe, Lauren, Ra, Marce, Sue, Nichole, Stephen, Andrea, Royce, Mike, Lisa, Harlan, Molly, Ari, GraceAnn, Lindsay & Edward, Brian, Kenn, Jacob, Michael, Scott, David, Sonny & Raquel

250 - Victor, Max, Hildy, Paul

500 - Hunter, Dan, Evan, Davis, Kevin, Elizabeth & Paul

1000 - Todd & Gerilyn

3000 - Victor & Arsenia

Last Updated: 7/23 11am

Why donate?

Hi there! Thanks for being on my website. I'm Conner - an indie music artist.  You may have heard some of my music before, or remember me from the Antelope Valley, Santa Barbara, or Los Angeles, but I'm here to talk about my upcoming debut album.


This is a huge project for me, and I'm excited to tell you about it.


Over the years, I've put out six independent EPs without asking for money. But now, I'm at a point where i'm ready to take the next step and create a full-length album...and let me tell you, albums cost money. 

I've pulled every favor I can, and am still pulling favors, but there are some things I can't do on my own. That's where your help comes in. I'm looking to raise $15,000 before July 1st, to help cover the costs of recording, mixing, mastering, documenting and more.


I want to work with great people and pay them well. I’m already recording the first three songs in faith that they’ll encourage you to invest, pre-order, and partner with me in making my first full-length album.

I've proven myself as a musician who makes art year over year that improves on itself. I make a living off of music, playing events full time in order to self-fund my past six EPs. 


But this album is different. It’s twice as many songs as usual. It’s a cohesive album with specific themes that live side by side. It’s an album about people who used to have dreams. It's for the people who have lived life, lost something and had to find new answers.

I'm not looking for a label, as most labels don’t benefit the artist. I want to do this on my own terms while working with some of my favorite people in Los Angeles. I want to bring together my community from the past year to bring you something special.


This is personal. And with your help, we can make it happen.

All you need to do is click the link below, to find my donate link and see what rewards i have to offer (above).


If you’d like to pre-order the album, get a collaborator credit on the album, get a personalized song from me, contribute your voice/easter egg to the album, or have me come play for you and your loved ones…there’s options for everyone. 


What do you say? Will you help me make this album a reality? i believe we can do this together, and create something incredibly special. 


Have any questions? Any work you want to send my way? Thoughts?

Email me at

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