The short and long of it...


With a blend of styles from Americana, Folk and Indie Rock, Conner Cherland’s voice compares with present day singers like Hozier, Ed Sheeran, and Shakey Graves. Combined with his live guitar looping, foot percussion, and carefully chosen lyrics, you’re likely to wonder how so many sounds can come from just one man.


I wasn’t groomed for music. I played volleyball for as long as I can remember (my parents met on the court). As a result, my story sounds similar to High School Musical – the jock secretly expressing himself through music as he grows more comfortable showing his true colors.

In 2014 I made a goal to write 40 songs within 6 months. My thought process was that if I couldn’t find any good ones out of 40, I should quit forever. Since then I’ve written 250, and some of them are really bad…

…and you’ll probably never hear them.

This is the weirdest job on the planet, and I wouldn’t recommend it to the faint of heart. It’s about making friends and speaking to people’s hearts. I’m always looking to meet hearty folks, so if you see me please say hi :)





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